Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have been so busy with adoption stuff I didn't realize I hadn't been on Hopie's blog in like 3 months!!! So, she is standing up all over the place, but she is so scared to take a step! She has always been very cautious about everything. She never "plopped" down..always slowly sits on the ground after standing or cruising. She never shoved food in her mouth, always eats piece by piece. She is so afraid to walk.
She did learn how to climb steps though!!! Not my favorite thing she has learned to do, but it is hers!!! I hate baby gates! My kids are so clumsy, they always trip over them at the bottom of the stairs. There are also a few invisible bumps on our floor that 2 of my kids always seem to trip over :)
We added a therapist last month. Speech! Hope cannot drink out of a sippy. She won't suck! She chews on it and it is sooo messy! I gave her a bottle at night and had to go down to a slow flow because she was losing milk all out the sides of her mouth! We have been doing some mouth exercises, and I have been relentless on straws...every kind of straw sippy  made. Tonight..It happened! SHE GOT IT! She sucked everytime I did the "finger straw release thing" I was so excited I quickly ran in and got her "honey bear" drink/cup. I filled it up with Gingerale, (which she's never had) I thought that it would catch her interest, and it DID! She sucked the whole drink down! She pulls the straw out of her mouth too soon and makes a mess, but she did it! I was so proud! It's crazy all the things/milestones that flew by with my other kids, and they are so amazing to watch Hope accomplish these things. I LOVE IT! I love her. I love the fact that things take a little more time. It slows me down and helps me remember what is important in life.

We went to Lowes the other day and she LOVED the car carts. She was drivin her side and Georgia's side. I couldn't even get her to stop long enough for a picture! I t was soooo cute.
She LOVES her brother and sisters. I mean ADORES them, and they absolutely LOVE her. She has made us all better people...HAPPIER people.

I don't know what I'm gonna do with 2 of these little boogers to love on!!!!