Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Well, the past several days have been in the 80s. Gary and I have been busy putting in a screened in porch. I decided to go buy a little pool so I could keep an eye on Hope and keep her cool while we worked. She LOVED it!

It is so cute the way she splashes the water with her hands and gets soooo excited! I cant wait to go to the lake this year. ...Shes grown so much!

Feb 14-Vday, or... rsV-day.

Wow, Its been a while since Ive been on here. We have been so busy.
We have always been so lucky with Hope being healthy. In Feb Hope came down with a high fever late at night. I got her fever down and watched it through the night. The next day, fever and lethargy. It was Sat so we hit the Care Now clinic.  I thought antibiotics and Tylenol and we'd be on our way. We were in the exam room about 10 minutes before an ambulance was called out to take us to Childrens. Her O2 was scary low. I can honestly say that ride in the ambulance was the most scared I've EVER been.

 Cook Childrens Hospital was AMAZING! They treated us with such importance and were so thorough and FAST!
                                                    ( Hope in ER...O2 up a little, acting silly)

We were shortly admitted with RSV and an ear infection. 5 days in the hospital.....My heart goes out to those who are all too familiar with that scenario.
Valentines day was fun though. We had alot of volunteers stop by and bring, picture, colors, cookies to decorate, homemade bags, and balloons. There really are a lot of good people out there that donate their time to helping others.

Since being home, She's had the flu, colds, and alot of allergies. Hope Spring treats her better!